Recommendation Needed for Technical Change Management Tool

 One of the attendees from a recent presentation that I gave is looking for opinions on change management tools for her organization. (A technical tool for supporting their technical change management process).

If you would like to weigh in on products pros/cons, please use the "share your thoughts" button below.

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  1. First, let me say that I’m not getting paid by HP. I’m an independent consultant on their toolset and in ITIL Processes.

    However, I have used HP Service Manager (HPSM) to implement a very comprehensive Change and Release Management process. It has a tailorable workflow engine that comes with several out-of-the-box workflows for common categories of changes, e.g. hardware, software, unplanned changes, etc.

    It comes with user profiles for the common roles in the process, like Change Coordinator, Change Approver, Change Manager, Change Analyst, etc.

    Also, if you go to the latest version of HPSM (v9.3), there is a huge leap in ease of use and maintenance. HP has come up with something called the Process Designer, that makes is very easy to create and modify workflows in Change Management, so that it is not a heck of a lot more than drag and drop. This is quantum leap over how it was done, say 5 years ago in the tool.

    It also comes with a Release Calendar for managing your Forward Schedule of Change.

    What’s good about using HP is that they also provide all of the other pieces to help automate changes:
    – Universal CMDB tool to house a federated view of all your relevant data;
    – Discovery and Dependency Mapping, to automate the discovery and relationships of your CIs down to the level of depth that makes sense for your business;
    – Operations Orchestration, to automate changes down the actual equipment;
    – Service Request Catalog as a customer portal into requesting goods and services (standard changes), and support (incident management).
    – Knowledge Management module

    Of course, you don’t have to get all that stuff at once, or at all. You can stop with the tools whenever you need to, getting only those your business drivers require.

    I should mention that HPSM isn’t just for Changes, but also for Incident Management, Service Desk Management, Problem Management, Configuration Management, Service Level Management, etc. They all work together in the tool to support those ITIL processes.

    HP isn’t stopping there, because just around the corner is HPSM on the cloud. This lets you roll out the tool as part of HP’s cloud — so they take care of the infrastructure instead of you.

    Anyway that is my two cents. I’m excited about the direction HP is going, and the depth of R&D they’re putting into this ITIL toolset.

  2. Thanks Chris

    I appreciate your input.


  3. For those who are considering adding to the list of products suggested, I welcome those.

    I have had a few other people suggest consulting companies who can provide guidance though. That is not the intent of this question. My own company could provide that guidance as well. A good response is one like Chris provided based on his personal experience as client using a product.

    Let us know what you are using, and what you like and dislike about the tools you currently use.

  4. I use TeamQuest software, an intergrated suite which follows I.T.I.L. management functions.

  5. Ross Dutcher

    Only one reply: link to
    We often look for the “bigest, brightest, and best” instead of “simple”, is there a better project management tool than “post-it” notes? We often forget that of the multitude of tools in our tool box, only one truly matters, the knowledge of the operator. I no longer use TeamQuest, Why? I must quote W. Edwards Deming “There is no substitute for knowledge”


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