Can You Guess the Added Value?

In one of my earlier entries I recommended that you not guess about your value. Instead ask the person paying for that value. Well, here is your chance to actually guess.

The earlier example that I used was regarding a recent renovation where we had the windows in our home replaced. We also had insulation added and the exterior refinished.

I mentioned that part of the value was curb appeal. What other value could be derived from the window and exterior renovation?

Don’t be shy, use the comment feature to make a guess (the more outlandish, the more bonus points).

Well? Give it your best shot before I reveal my own answer…

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  1. Rick Daoust

    I believe R Value is another value. Depending on how old your windows were and how badly your house was insulated, by replacing the existing windows with new windows (I’m assuming these are new) and adding insulation, you definitely increased the R value of your house. Thus, making your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, resulting in lower cooling and heating bills.

  2. Excellent guess Rick.

    It isn’t the primary value that I was seeking, but it is value none the less (to the tune of $500.00 per month in energy savings during the cold months (which is excellent ROI on my investment and one way of expressing value).

    So far we have
    -Curb appeal
    -Energy savings

    Keep guessing.
    Lets see how big the list gets before I reveal my answer.

  3. Tom Kingsbury

    Given that Wayne is married, these renovations have likely resulted in a momentary reduction in nagging from his wife, shortening the list of things that need to be done around the home until his good woman finds something else to be added to the list…which by the way, is an eternal one.

    So the value would seem to be that little piece of time that Wayne has bought himslef.

    Well, Wayne did encourage us to be outlandish!

  4. It can be deduced that seeing as you are realizing such substantial energy savings that you are also doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint – that much less energy escaping into the environment.

  5. Joanne Pardy

    I don’t know about you but when we had our windows replaced the first thing we noticed was a reduction of the amount of exterior noise we could hear within our home. So I think the value of your new windows, insulation and exterior refinishing is increased enjoyment of your home.

  6. Renée

    Replacing Exterior Windows Renovations for Your Home will Boost Home Value if decide to sell your home.

  7. The value is based on the situation. If you are trying to sell your home curb appeal is very important – $20-100,0000 value in increased sales price vs not making the improvement. If you are trying to reduce costs – r-value of insulation is important to reduce operating costs ( $500/month*12 months * 30 years = $120,000 . If you need to protect your home from water damage, future capital costs are reduced ($50-100,000 within 10 years).
    From a financial perspective treating your home as an asset you have Market Value(Increased), Operating Expenses (lowered), Salvage Value ( Increased), Income (Increased if RENTED), etc.

  8. ELtee

    Well other than the $$$ for R value with the new windows and insulation plus curb appeal which translate to a return on your investment from increasing your market value, I’d suggest the “brownie point” factor would also play into it as well. Momma will be happier which (from my perspective) will have huge value as well…


  9. Lou

    Added values:
    Privacy via one way glass
    Cooler in the summer
    Ventilation/fresh air assuming the old windows were fixed/non-opening
    Time savings if you managed to get self-cleaning glass


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