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Wayne McKinnon has become one of only 25 people internationally accepted into The Master Mentor Program

“Wayne McKinnon has been certified in the Mentor Mastery Program because of his outstanding ability to help people move to work of higher value. Wayne is one of less than twenty five people in the world, and one of few in Canada that are part of this program. Wayne is the only resource in Canada who deals with the unique challenges faced by technical people who want to maximize their potential Alan Weiss explains.

The Mentor Program is intended to significantly increase the success of consulting service providers. It is directed at all providers of professional consulting services who wish to create greater value for their clients.

Weiss had set up the Mentor Program in 1996. Since then, he had assisted more than 700 consultants. Wayne himself had worked with Alan Weiss since 2001. A significant part of Wayne's success in creating results for his clients was based directly on this co-operation. 

In addition to the direct assistance provided by Wayne, the program offers membership in an international network of several hundred colleagues. Each mentee is given access to Alan Weiss’ private consultants’ forum on the Internet known as “Alan’s Forums” where participants provide selective advice to one another. Within this global network that extends from Canada via Europe and Asia to New Zealand professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As of this writing, Wayne has only two more spots open until the next term for new mentees who want to work with him.

About the program

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