Should your workers be magicians?

magicians hat

 This weekend we were out visiting shops and interesting locations when I came across this top hat.

I’ve never actually seen a real top hot other than in Fred Astaire movies or at the hands of some magician, and since I can’t dance, the first thing I did was check the lining.

Out of necessity, as I rose up through my career I became very talented at pulling rabbits out of these things.

If your people continually have to act as magicians in order to satisfy your customers, something is wrong with the inner workings of your organization.

I think this particular hat was all used up.

The inner lining contained no rabbits, although I did find the receipt for a can of smoke, a claim ticket from a mirror repair shop, and the address of a tap dancing studio (should you need that sort of assistance in place of other more suitable tactics).

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