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Are You Witnessing Victims or Aggressors?


Moments ago a flock of black birds chased a low flying hawk through our yard. The poor hawk! It appears that one of the black birds caught him and is clinging to his tail feathers, dragging him down as he flies away…

In your world, who are the dominant bullies, and who are the passive aggressive “victims?” At a glance it is sometimes hard to tell what is really going on.

Well-adjusted people tend not to find themselves anywhere near the tail feathers and talons.

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You Can’t Think With Your Tool Belt On® – 06/18/12

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Which is Better, Individual Self Interest, or a Common Mission? The Answer Might Surprise You.

 Without a common mission, people act in their self-interest rather than pulling together in the common interest of the customer. The symptoms are virtual walls erected between groups. These artificial barriers prevent groups from working as a cross functional team.

By focusing everyone on a common mission you can create a sense of value in serving the customer’s needs ahead of one’s own needs, however, in dong this be careful not to carry things too far, losing sight of the individuals.

With a common mission and customer focus, each team member tends to only consider the needs of the customer, and not the needs of each other. This often results in neglecting the fact that one person’s output is another team member’s input. Without proper inputs and outputs, the service does not fully take shape to produce the intended value for the customer. Counterintuitive but true.

1. The customer.
2. The service that the customer will receive (not simply the components of that service).
3. The people who will be supporting the customer.
4. Monitor for root cause of underperformance, not merely the individuals or the symptoms.

Avoid beginning with blame. Instead present opportunities for improvement.
Have each member identity what they need to be successful in contributing value to the customer, and what they themselves can do better next time. Ths is equally effective for services that are already doing well.

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