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In response to my last blog posting regarding acceptance criteria and the role of people in the testing function, I will answer the questions I received from quite a few readers. I am combining those questions and paraphrasing it as “How does the last example apply to my industry or field of expertise?” (Some claim that it does not since they do not develop software).

Let me begin with a direct answer that yes, the same applies to each of you in each of your industries.

What I had hoped was clear in my example is that products have consumers, and even if those products are reports or processed invoices, the output is value to someone.

Lets take a second example. This time I will use a person in corporate communications launching a campaign as an example.

Does it provide business results?
You might be measuring this in terms of modified behavior such as improved compliance with new regulations. It may be measured in terms of the right people showing up to an event. In the case of a school board, increased enrolment.

Can I use it?
If it is a billboard, do I receive the message as I am speeding by? If it is a directive, do I comprehend the message?

Can I support it?
If you are a service desk can you answer questions related to the campaign?

Can I install it?
Can the mailroom handle the size of the packages? Can the magazine fit the ad within the confines of the page?

Does it work?
This is the developer or writers self-assessment (as well as a second set of eyes) to determine if they are finished the development of the message. Does it make sense or has something been left out.

When I am working with teams in corporate communications or other services divisions such as health, safety and security, I begin with their communication strategy, but when it comes to supporting that strategy with tactics, this discussion is just as important for them as it is for the other development teams that I work with in technology or manufacturing. 

You can view the graphic that I created at the bottom of this post:

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