Wayne McKinnon Presenting at the ITSMF NCR event

Wayne McKinnon will be presenting at the ITSMF NCR event, March 5, 2013 

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 Why Service Departments Should Eliminate Services

There is a misconception that technical experts are innovators. While it is true that technical experts can be innovative, any technical expert who has been in the field for more than a couple of years is much more likely to prefer stability over innovation. As a result, very few truly innovative ideas come from the Information Technology branch of an organization, and when they do, it is often more about systems than services.

Throw away your CMDB projects and SWOT analysis tools. Mr. McKinnon is particularly fond of locating and improving disconnects between business strategic direction and operational activities that lead to improved services, and in this session Wayne will share how everyone in any part of the organization can and should be focused on significantly improve service delivery in terms of cost, quality and customer satisfaction by doing less instead of more.

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About Wayne McKinnon

Wayne McKinnon works with organizations to change their course of evolutions from extinct to distinct
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