You Can’t Think With Your Tool Belt On® – 09/06/13

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I am seeing a pattern here...

In the last few years a number of significant size projects have come my way when the organization hired technical consultants to design and implement new cloud based solutions. In every case the technical project lead to a meeting with me to diagnose problems with these stalled projects. In every case it became clear that the root cause was organizational, and not technical.

The bad news is that the technology investment alone did not solve these problems. The good news is that the technology served as a catalyst to confront the internal truths and forced people to face some hard decisions and difficult conversations. That’s where I came in, and the smart ones have brought me in in advance of the problems.

This month's Quote:

"Like choosing a Swiss Army Knife for their jobs, people select tools with a rich set of features just in case they might need them. They don't know if they will need them because they don't really understand everything that their jobs entail, or what services (versus tasks) their clients value from them. Day by day they rely on these tools (and other people) in order bail them out, or to help make things up as they go (over and over again). Would it not be more efficient to figure out specific work patterns and address them once?" - Wayne McKinnon  

About Wayne McKinnon

Wayne McKinnon works with organizations to change their course of evolutions from extinct to distinct
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