Taking Care of Business in a Flash

I was in the area so on a recent business trip I stopped in at Elvis Presley’s estate.
Contrary to the verse in Marc Cohn’s song, I did not see "a pretty little thing waiting for the king down in the jungle room." The room was vacant.

What I did see of course was the rows and rows of gold and platinum albums and singles that Elvis produced throughout his career. How is such a prodigious body of work even possible?

gold records
Gold records
platinum records
More gold and platinum records
Elvis in a flash

In one of the rooms in the basement, the wall is adorned with his personal logo that he designed. It is TCB with a lightning bolt – taking care of business in a flash.

This motto would go a long way in many organizations today where over analysis, red tape and indecision stifle both productivity and innovation.

In my experience the part of any business or support process that takes the longest time is the time between the steps. If a decision is so important that it requires careful consideration, make as many of those decisions once, in advance, and apply the results to the process, rather than repeatedly revisiting the decision.

For the decisions that cannot be made in advance and are left within the process, realize that business depends more on results than it does on indecision.

Follow Elvis Presley’s advice and take care of business in a flash.

Would you rather be flying high with success or wandering around lost in the jungle room?

tcb tail 1
TCB in a flash
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie
Elvis board room
Elvis board room
jungle room
Jungle room

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