What Will Happen If You Fail To Evolve?

Career demand
Career demand

 Moving to work of higher value is more than simply a noble idea. In my opinion, for the team that you manage, or for you as an individual, it is an absolute necessity.

I believe, in fact, that moving to work of higher value is the absolute key to your entire organization’s survival. Things change, and what was once in demand will eventually die out. What once required workers soon becomes automated. The demand drops as specialized skills and scarce resources become commodities, or become altogether obsolete.

Obvious examples from the past include elevator operators in buildings and welders on assembly lines, both no longer needed when their jobs were automated (the welders), or simply no longer in demand, perhaps simplified to the point that the customer can easily perform the task themselves (operating elevators and depositing money in bank machines). In the case of the welders, robots automatically performed the work with more precision and consistency. The task of the elevator operator has been simplified enough through technology to the point that specialized skills are no longer needed to guide the elevator to the desired floor. The same thing is happening to geologists, technologist, doctors, and lawyers as well as general laborers and even brews masters, and ironically, technologists.

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Wayne McKinnon works with organizations to change their course of evolutions from extinct to distinct
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