About Wayne

“I am not driven by the promise of a gold watch, an extra week’s vacation or a corner office. Nor am I driven by the need to satisfy some arbitrary checkbox on a performance evaluation. I AM focused on helping organizations produce the result that those check boxes are meant to achieve…”

As a management consultant, Wayne McKinnon is distinctly different. He has purposefully crafted his career to move both laterally and vertically through operational and managerial roles in a variety of industries in order to gain a broad perspective that allows him to see an organization in ways many people cannot. He has spent time in product development, service support and delivery, sales, marketing and strategic planning and facilitation of strategy. He is equally at home on the shop floor or at the boardroom table.

McKinnon began his consulting business in 1992 after more than ten years working in and managing other people’s businesses. In his consulting career he has helped organizations move to empowered from powerless, View risk realistically and act on new opportunities by ignoring risks that are not real. He has worked with people and teams from FastLane Technologies, Health Canada Pacific Bell, the U.S. National Institutes of Health, Transport Canada, The US Navy, Canadian Department of National Defense, Nortel Networks, The City of Ottawa, The City of Kingston, UPS, RBC Dominion Securities, Ericson, Honda as well as others across Canada, the US and Europe.

Foot notes in history include having worked as a member of the team that assemble the particle detectors used in nuclear physics to discover the first evidence of quarks; and when the Ocean Ranger oil rig sank in heavy seas in 1982, Wayne was part of the team that designed the wave generators used by forensic investigators to sink a replica of the rig in order to make off shore oil drilling safer.

Wayne no longer works with the building blocks of the universe; instead he works with the building blocks of organizations. Unlike the tiny quark, the results that Wayne achieves for his clients are visible and have an extended lifetime. He improves their corporate DNA to create employees who focus on customer results and the company’s bottom line as opposed to input and task.

In addition to his consulting work, He speaks approximately 50 days a year. His articles have appeared in publications such as the Toronto Globe and Mail and his books have been translated into French, Italian and Spanish. He appears frequently on radio and television interview programs to discuss effectiveness, new opportunities, and improved efficiency.

Wayne is particularly fond of locating and improving disconnects between strategic direction and operational activities that lead to improved service delivery, both by corporate services internally, and by everyone in any part of the organization who should be focused externally on the customer, and the organization’s reason for being.

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