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Wayne McKinnon’s Evolutionary Challenge

Evolutionary challenge


This month’s challenge is to come up with two examples of what I have termed “Working IN the Process vs. working ON the process.”

Give it your best shot using this blog’s feedback feature (below)

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Can You Guess the Added Value?

In one of my earlier entries I recommended that you not guess about your value. Instead ask the person paying for that value. Well, here is your chance to actually guess.

The earlier example that I used was regarding a recent renovation where we had the windows in our home replaced. We also had insulation added and the exterior refinished.

I mentioned that part of the value was curb appeal. What other value could be derived from the window and exterior renovation?

Don’t be shy, use the comment feature to make a guess (the more outlandish, the more bonus points).

Well? Give it your best shot before I reveal my own answer…

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